Indian law

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Each and every citizen in India knows that our Indian law has a very big loop holes. Yes it’s true, especially in the case of a rape. I was recently shocked by seeing a news in popular news channels that a mentally disabled 12 year old girl who cannot speak or hear was raped by a 27 year old bus driver who is staying as a tenant in their house. I was shocked when I saw this news. Is he a man or a beast??? If he rapes a 20 year old girl, we can tell that he was attracted by her figures. But he has raped a minor girl that too who is not mentally fit. Is he a psycho or what??? Why these kind of rapes increasing recently??? Only because of non availability of strict punishments for rape in Indian law. If I am not wrong, 7 years of jail is the punishment for a raping a girl. Is a girl’s virginity is worth only for 7 years of jail??? This is really disgusting. That too that concerned person will not stay in jail for 7 years, he will come out in bail in 2 or 3 years. But what about that girl’s life??? I have seen in some muslim countries that the man’s thing which made him to rape that girl ill be cut in front of her. If this punishment is given in India, let me see who is daring to rape a girl in India. Until or unless punishments are severe, unlawful things will happen in India.


juliaroberts said...

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