Joginder did it for Dhoni again

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yesterday I felt like I was watching World T20 finals again. It’s nothing but the thrilling match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in Chennai. Similar to the world cup finals, Joginder Sharma did it for Dhoni again. Chennai Super Kings won the nail biting match by 6 runs. Mathew Hayden’s and Suresh Raina’s partnership of 104 helped CSK to reach an excellent total of 208. Mumbai Indians didn’t take this match that easily. They chased the Himalayan target brilliantly. Uthappa and Nayar are responsible for this. When 15 runs were needed for Mumbai Indians to win the match in last over, Joginder’s brilliant bowling made them to score only 202. Tension added up when a no ball was bowled by Joginder in his last over. But he managed to bring a victory for CSK. This is the second victory for them in this season. Chennai Super Kings rocks.

Thrilling last over of Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians in 8th IPL match

Dasavatharam trailer

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yaaradi Nee Mohini Movie Download

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kuruvi songs free download - 320 kbps, High quality

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Kuruvi Movie - Theme Music


20 overs match or 50 overs match???

Hey guys I have a small doubt, whether IPL is a 20 overs match or 50 overs match??? You may think that I am a mad man. But anyone who sees the score board of IPL matches will think that it’s a 50 overs match. Only if they see the overs, they will realise that it’s a 20 over match. First two matches of IPL crossed the score of 200. Chennai Super Kings who played yesterday comfortably scored a blisttering 240. Hussey smashed the ball all over the ground like a hurricane. He smashed 116 of just 54 balls. Chennai Super Kings won the match by 33 runs. I hope all the matches in IPL gives us a feast like this.

Great inaugural match for IPL

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seeing an individual score of 158 in one day match itself is very rare. But the great man Brendon McCullum did this in inaugural T20 IPL match that too in just 73 deliveries. His 158 comprises of 13 sixes and 10 boundaries with a strike rate of 216.43. I was lucky to see the match yesterday. Already the inaugural IPL match was grand and McCullum’s raining sixes made the inaugural further more grand. He has now become the highest scorer in T20 matches and also highest six hitter in T20 matches. He didn’t even give a chance for the home team and brought a great victory for Kolkata Knight Riders.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Record breaks in India vs South Africa test series

Advantages of co-education

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Parents please note -- co-educational schools are better as the presence of girls in classes control boys from indulging in unruly behaviour and improves their academic performance, a new study has revealed. In fact, a higher percentage of girls not only lowers the amount of classroom disruption but also creates a better relationship between students and their teacher, the Israeli researchers have found in their study. Yes, this is true in fact. Boys control their naughty nature in the presence of girls to maintain their dignity. Israeli researchers have proved that presence of girls in the class has improved the performance of the class both in high school and primary level school. I hope at least hereafter parents will seek admission for their children in co-ed schools.

BCCI selectors are fit for nothing

Recently BCCI is following a trend of selecting the future Indian cricket team. In the name of selecting future Indian cricket team, BCCI is continuously dropping senior players. I don’t think they will succeed in their mission without the senior players in the team. I have seen the batting line up of the young Indian team. This is the worst batting line up I have ever seen. If sachin goes out in a single digit, then batting line up will start to collapse. Dhoni will be the only man who will be struggling with the bat, sometimes Yuvraj. If Ganguly and Dravid were present in the team, I don’t think batting line up will be that worse as it is now. Experience plays a major role when they play with some senior teams like Australia and South Africa. No other country in this world neglects senior players like this for their team selection. I don’t know when BCCI will realize this.

Indian law

Each and every citizen in India knows that our Indian law has a very big loop holes. Yes it’s true, especially in the case of a rape. I was recently shocked by seeing a news in popular news channels that a mentally disabled 12 year old girl who cannot speak or hear was raped by a 27 year old bus driver who is staying as a tenant in their house. I was shocked when I saw this news. Is he a man or a beast??? If he rapes a 20 year old girl, we can tell that he was attracted by her figures. But he has raped a minor girl that too who is not mentally fit. Is he a psycho or what??? Why these kind of rapes increasing recently??? Only because of non availability of strict punishments for rape in Indian law. If I am not wrong, 7 years of jail is the punishment for a raping a girl. Is a girl’s virginity is worth only for 7 years of jail??? This is really disgusting. That too that concerned person will not stay in jail for 7 years, he will come out in bail in 2 or 3 years. But what about that girl’s life??? I have seen in some muslim countries that the man’s thing which made him to rape that girl ill be cut in front of her. If this punishment is given in India, let me see who is daring to rape a girl in India. Until or unless punishments are severe, unlawful things will happen in India.

Angelina Jolie Photo Gallery

Peas - Bhupathi conflict again

Friday, April 11, 2008

AITA conflict has again started to show its head due to recent comments by Leander Paes on Mahesh Bhupathi. Mahesh Bhupathi has already asked AITA to ask Paes to step down from the post of captain. Now Peas said that the decision to play doubles with Mahesh Bhupathi was the worst decision he made in his career. He also said that he sacrificed his singles career by opting to play doubles with Mahesh Bhupathi in the late 1990s. This is wht he exactly told in an interview

“When I was at the top of my singles career, I actually sacrificed my rankings to play Satellites and Future tournaments with him so that he could be at par with me which would help us get entry into ATP tournaments. Though everyone advised me not to pick up a rookie player like Mahesh, my instincts told me to take him along. Now, when I look back, I regret the fact that I sacrificed my singles career for him. I had won the Pilot Pen International tournament beating the top players of the world, including Pete Sampras and reached a world ranking of 73 in 1998. Going by my performance then, I should have focused on singles. Opting to play doubles with Mahesh was probably the worst decision of my playing career.”

This statement will surely create some problem in AITA again. All this started after winning gold in DOHA Asian games 2006 Bhupathi came out and said that he would never play with Paes any more. But Paes is likely to team up with Mahesh to represent India in the doubles event of the Beijing Olympics in August.

Emma Watson Photo Gallery

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Australia playing a test series in India

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sachin nearing another milestone

Yet another record break is expected from Sachin very soon. Sachin is expected to become the leading test scorer by beating the score of 11953 by Brian Lara. Sachin has scored 11782 runs in his test career. He is just short of 172 runs away from Brian Lara’s record of leading test scorer. Sachin is expected to cross this record breaking margin very soon. I expected that he will reach this milestone in this series of India vs. South Africa. But unfortunately he wont play even in the last test it seems. So we have to wait till next test series to see this glorious moment. I am waiting for this moment when Sachin becomes the leading test scorer. Sachin is the god of cricket. All the best for his cricket career.

Shreya or Vijayashanthi????

Shivaji star and our dream girl Shreya Saran turned into Vijayashanthi in Thirupathi temple. Shreya slapped a man who misbehaved to shreya outside the Thirupathi temple. It seems that Shreya came out of the temple after the dharshan and found a man standing behind her. When he tried to misbehave to her, she turned around and slapped him. It seems that he is a security in that temple. In an interview, Shreya told eve teasing and any kind of misbehavior in public places is unacceptable. There will be no eve teasing in our country if each and every girl is like Shreya.