BCCI selectors are fit for nothing

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Recently BCCI is following a trend of selecting the future Indian cricket team. In the name of selecting future Indian cricket team, BCCI is continuously dropping senior players. I don’t think they will succeed in their mission without the senior players in the team. I have seen the batting line up of the young Indian team. This is the worst batting line up I have ever seen. If sachin goes out in a single digit, then batting line up will start to collapse. Dhoni will be the only man who will be struggling with the bat, sometimes Yuvraj. If Ganguly and Dravid were present in the team, I don’t think batting line up will be that worse as it is now. Experience plays a major role when they play with some senior teams like Australia and South Africa. No other country in this world neglects senior players like this for their team selection. I don’t know when BCCI will realize this.