Smile Pinki

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Only the talk of slumdog has been there in Oscars, but in this time, we have forgotten about smile pinki. It is a short movie from India which also won an Oscar award this time. I think this year is really an excellent year for Indians. These Oscars will take Indian cinemas to a new height. I hope more opportunities come to Indian artists from Hollywood. I have not yet seen the movie slumdog millionaire. I want to see that movie very soon. I hope it won’t discourage me as it is an Oscar award winning movie. Slumdog director has told that his next movie also be shooted in Mumbai.

Create a perfect structure

In this modern world, work has become very easy. Most of the works we do will be a sit and do work. There is no physical movement in the work we do. As a result, there is no exercise for our body. Since there is no exercise, people working in sit and do works become fat. If they are becoming fat, their physical structure is spoiled. This problem is faced by many of the software professionals. As their work is also very tight, they don’t have any time to even do any kind of exercise. In this case, what is the way in which one can reduce their body weight??? The only answer for this question is weight loss pills. But since many weight loss pills are available in the market, which pill will help you in reducing your body weight??? The answer for this question is available in Make use of this site and reduce your body weight soon.


Monday, February 23, 2009

At last the most anticipated moment has come. It’s the Oscar award winning moments. Unlike other times, this time Oscar awards were much anticipated in India. The reason was A.R.Rahman and slumdog millionaire. As expected by the Indians both Slumdog and A.R.Rahman has bagged the Oscar awards. Totally slumdog has bagged ten prestigious awards. Out of this ten, two of them were from A.R.Rahman. Hey got the award for Original score in Jai ho song and another one song. Both slumdog and A.R.Rahman has brought pride to India. Hats off to you guys.

Diet pills

One of the problems which can be seen with most of the Americans is the problem of obesity. Many people in America eat Pizzas and burgers which are not at all good for health. Many people become that much obese that they could not even get up from their bed. Once a man was unable to come out of his house and fire fighters helped him by breaking the walls of the doors and brought him out of his home. These are real incidents. In order to easily reduce body weight, one has to go for diet pills. But since diet pills are available in many shops in the form of many brands, the question that comes into once mind is which is the effective diet pill??? The answer for the question is available in They have review of different diet pills. You can read the review and buy any diet pill which you are satisfied about.

Special oscars this time

Unlike many other Oscars’ event, this event is a special event for the Indians. This is because of Slumdog millionaire and because of the great musical maestro A.R.Rahman. The Indian movie directed by Hollywood director, slumdog millionaire has gone for Oscars with 10 nominations. Every time this Oscar event will be just small news in Indian news channels. But this time each and every news channel is giving this as important headlines. Hope A.R.R and slumdog will satisfy the hopes of the Indian people.

Hair loss treatment

Hair is one of the major beauties for both men and women. But due to age and vitamin deficiency, many women and men started to experience hair loss. I think in the very young age people experience hair loss. It’s very pathetic that people experience hair loss at the age of 25. It will affect all their marriage dreams and marriage life. I know one girl who experiences hair loss. A man, who came to see her for marriage, took this as an advantage and asked lots of dowry. This girl was helpless and didn’t marry him. There are lots of stories like this. Because of hair loss, the impact is very bad. There are lots of hair loss product which will take care of hair losses. These treatments help you to reduce hair loss. I know one site which helps us in this treatment. The site is nothing but Make use of this site and get the benefit.

Air attack

Sunday, February 22, 2009

After continuous hidden attacks, LTTE has come out with a brave attack. LTTE has gone for air borne attack. I was really shocked by seeing the news that LTTE has gone for an air attack. Their attack has made a one full night blackout in Colombo. Sri Lankan military has told that they shot down the two planes of LTTE. But minutes after the attack, LTTE has released a picture in which the two pilots who went for the attack in Colombo posing with Prabhakaran. They claimed that this was a suicide attack through air. This is infact a shame for Sri Lankan army which clearly said earlier that it has captured all the air bases of LTTE. I feel that LTTE is still in a strong position.

Game on!!!

I think this post will be useful for those who love gaming. Many youngsters are there who love small Computer games instead of big and graphic filled games. For those who loved this form of gaming, there is a site to download these kinds of games. The site is nothing but You can play many Apple games and pixie game in this site. Just log on to this site and download all games you like.

Justice at last

Monday, February 16, 2009

At last nearly six months after the bitter incident that took place in Ranganathan street, govt. has taken action against the illegal buildings in Ranganathan street today. Govt. has removed all the illegal portions of the shops which were blocking the road of Ranganathan street in Usman road. I think this action was taken after the incident of Saravana stores fire in which even fire fighting vehicles were unable to enter the street. The seriousness of the problem was apparent only after the fire broke out in the Saravana stores which claimed nearly 3 of the Saravana stores employees itself. Luckily the fire broke out early in the morning. Since the shop was not open at that time, the accident didn’t claim any public people’s life. Hope such accidents never happen in future in such a busy street.