Sunday, October 12, 2008

Noboby expected such an incident in the most crowded shopping street in Chennai. I am talking about Ranganathan Street in Usman road, T.Nagar. It is the most crowded area in Chennai. Lots of people go there during festival seasons to purchase dress and other items. Today morning a disaster took place in Saravana stores, one of the leading shops in Ranganathan street. A big fire broke out in Saravana stores today morning. I just got up and saw the news that fire has broke out. The fire is still on and it’s not put out yet. I am sure that this task will be one of the most toughest task for the fire fighters as the street is very narrow and lots of items are filled in that shop. I think it will take days for the fighters to put out the fire. Lets pray god that causalities are very less.